Ayusmat For She's A Keeper

KEEPER was born in our study, converted to a nursery for a few weeks, on 13th of June 2013.

Keeper is a TYPICAL shar-pei, it takes time to earn her trust and love, but once you do - she's the sweetest thing in the world!

Keeper is Rosy's daughter and Nanu's grand-daughter, which makes her a second generation Ayusmat!

She is defenitely a mix of Rosy and Nanu, she got her clumsiness from Rosy and her hunter instincts from Nanu.

Keeper loves walks outdoors, but unlike her sister Fiji, she absolutely hates swimming in the pool (again - TYPICAL shar-pei),  but she does love fooling around with her sister and mum.

Keeper is a horse coat chocolate, she also has a very interesting genetic pool and we are hoping to see her pups in the future.