Always in our hearts

This page is dedicated to those who crossed the rainbow and took a piece of my heart with them. The pain is too strong and the time is not really healing much.

I'm not going to write goodbyes, as they are alive in my heart. I see them every day in the little things around me, I see them in the looks or behaviours of our next generations. Every day I feel them next to me.



My first shar-pei.

Pedro was born on June 7th 2004 in Rosh-Haain, Israel.

A Traditional Shar-pei expert from Hong-Kong China (place of origin), Eric T. Omura says that Pedro represents the traditional type of Shar-pei and meets the breed standard. 

Unfortunately he's not meeting the FCI standard, but he is definitely the founder of AYUSMAT and my personal muse.

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ASAKTI NANU - Chocolate. (Russia imp.)

Nanu was born on August 13th 2007 in Asakti kennel, located in Volgograd Russia.

Nanu has inherited healthy blood lines and has a great set of genes (she has a blue gene too) and with the right partner, she already brought unique puppies, which, as I hope, will contribute a great deal to Israeli breeding. You can see Nanu's offsprings here.


Nanu has an amazing character -she loves kids, she's cheerful and playful - a great member for every family!