Asakti Krasota Rozovogo Lepestka (Russ. import)

ROSY was born on May 10th 2008 in Asakti kennel, located in Volgograd Russia.

Rosy came to Israel in 2008 and she is the only platinum shar-pei in the Holy Land. She has an incredible genetic pool.

We call her Rosy cause she was pink when we first saw her and her tiny ears looked like rose leafs.
Rosy is a funny little hippo, running around and playing with everyone and anything she can. She loves to snuggle and kiss, she likes a good beauty-sleep and she loves to eat!

Each one of my dogs teaches me something new, Rosy has opened the world of dog shows to me.
She made me learn alot about dog shows. How to present a dog and what to expect in the ring. And lots more!
Today, Rosy is a Russian Champion, Russian Federation of Dog Lovers Champion, candidate for Russian Club Champion, Israeli Champion and a candidate for Israeli Grand-Champion title.